The Advantages of hiring an Architect

6th October 2016 Uncategorised

architect, interior designer occupation - man working on new house project at office

Now is the time to upgrade your doors and windows.
With state of the art technology, and high quality professional input; the investment value of superior doors and windows cannot be underestimated.
Make your home secure, warm and sound proof by using a company that has a long established reputation for speed and reliability; and professional architects ready to be of service.

What is an Architect?
An architect is a university trained professional, with multiple skills in designing, planning and altering buildings of various functions and sizes.
A good architect will be able to advise on the site; design and plan to match your personal requirements, organise competitive quotes from builders, and will be on site to ensure all is constructed according to approved plans

Why use an Architect?
It may seem like an unnecessary added expense, but using an experienced architect can actually save you money in the long run. Some of the advantages to using an architect are:
The architect will provide a better design, that is creative as well as highly functional; and guaranteed to be sustainable.
Design errors will be avoided with a professional architect.The architect will recommend qualified builders for your project.
Contract negotiations, and overseeing of construction will be done by the architect; leaving you free from hassle.
Builders will be given clear and detailed plans to follow when constructing your project.
To fully benefit from the range of services an architect provides, all you need to do, is provide a brief with your ideas of your project, and leave the rest to the professionals.

Creating a Brief
A brief is a reference for architects that will guide them to what services they will provide you. The brief will contain your ideas of what is to be constructed, how it is to be constructed, and how you want the project to be managed.
The brief should also contain a description of design and whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional plan. If you have preferred materials, fixtures or finishes, this should also be noted in your brief as well as any issues you may have regarding sustainability. The brief will result in the architect’s interpretation of your vision of the project, therefore it is important to make your brief as detailed and descriptive as possible.

You don’t need to wait for the winter months to get the benefits of new windows and doors.
Whether you are building your new home, or simply wish to upgrade; you will never be steered wrong by the expert architects on hand, with access to top of the range products and the best contractors in the business.
Whatever your brief: your vision shall be made a reality!