Aluminium Front Doors

amazing Aluminium front DOORS to secure your home in style.

Aluminium Front Doors

Our aluminium residential front doors are one of our most exciting products.  These all-aluminium doors provide strength and security, slim lines and great looks.  Using the latest technology they provide high performance and excellent thermal efficiency.

By using the strength of aluminium these doors allow you to maximise glass area and minimise the amount of frame.

Whether you live in a traditional or a contemporary home you will discover an extensive range of styles, furniture colours, thresholds options, glass and glass designs to suit your home.

Also available is a range of made-to-measure side panels, toplites and sidelites.

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Five Reasons to Choose Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for more and more people and it is easy to see why.

There are many reasons why aluminium doors are the perfect addition to your dream home. 

If you are thinking about investing in a new front door, here are five reasons why aluminium doors are always a sensible choice.

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Greater Flexibility

Aluminium doors have the ability to be made to much taller and wider specifications than their counterparts. This means that you can benefit from using the whole of a door space, without having to have toplights or sidelights added.

Aluminium doors also lend themselves to numerous panels, meaning that if you need a modification, such as a cat flap, for example, it can be easily fitted and will not look out of place.

Increased strength means more design options

Aluminium doors are renowned for their extremely strong frames, which are nearly three times stronger than PVC frames.

This means that they can cope with large panes of glass, while the door frame itself is able to be slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional composite door frame.

Slim lines, extra strength and security, a beautiful appearance – aluminium doors really do have it all. Another advantage is the fact that they combine high performance with excellent thermal efficiency – allowing you to reduce the risk of draughts and to potentially save money on fuel costs.

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Stylish doors without bulky hardware

The ability of aluminium doors to handle more weight than wooden or PVC doors means that they do not require bulky hinges to attach the door to the frame.

Some models can even be fitted with invisible hardware – the hinges are completely concealed between the door and its frame. Aluminium doors are the preferred choice for those requiring a completely modern-looking and streamlined door.

Enjoy a smooth integrated look

If you are thinking of having a porch installed, or having aluminium-framed windows fitted, aluminium doors are designed to integrate with windows.

This gives your door a finish with a matching look that would be impossible to achieve with composite doors and windows that are often made by different manufacturers.

Aluminium doors and windows combine to create a matching and uniform finish.

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A wide variation of colour choices

Aluminium doors can be coated with polyester powder coating, which gives a smooth and durable finish – and, most importantly, offers hundreds of colour choices – you could even select different colours for the inside and outside. If this isn’t enough to tempt you, there are also many different finishes available, from wood-effects, textures and metallics. Aluminium doors enable you to have a door that truly reflects your sense of style.

At Countryside Windows, we believe that our aluminium residential front doors are among our most exciting and inspirational products. Whether you need a door for a traditional or a contemporary home, we have an extensive range of styles, furniture colours, thresholds options, glass and glass designs to suit your home. We also offer a range of made-to-measure side panels, top lights and side lights.

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