Benefits of investing in a Conservatory

8th April 2016 Conservatories
conservatory view

A conservatory is a useful addition to your property in a temperate climate. There are a number of benefits to investing in a conservatory and this article will list a few of them. But what exactly is a conservatory? If you aren’t familiar with it, a conservatory is a glass room attached to the house. It’s designed to allow occupants to enjoy natural weather conditions without being directly exposed to the elements. It’s a useful room to have whether you’re hosting or you just want personal enjoyment. Keep in mind that a conservatory is different from a sunroom that actually protects you from the sun and is made of different materials.

Increase in Value

Adding a conservatory room will certainly boost the value of your home. According to Market Oracle, a £16k investment can potentially yield a return of 50 to 133 percent. It is important, however, to have a good design and have it well-maintained.

Additional Living Space

A conservatory provides additional living space for you and anyone else in your home (this would also be a good selling point for potential buyers). It can be used for just about anything: a dining room, bar, pool room, library, living room or even an indoor garden.

Seasonal Enjoyment

In a hot summer you can sunbathe without having to worry about sunburn. In the winter you can enjoy the natural beauty of the snowfall without having to endure the cold. It is also a great place to watch the stars at night.


A conservatory is just the thing that will add some charm to your home. Even if you spend conservatively on one, it will certainly give your home that aesthetic look that will only boost your home value. There are a wide variety of designs on the market so you can choose something that will complement the look of your home.

Natural Light

Natural light is also the best thing to have when you are studying or engaged in some other work. It will help you save on electricity and allow you to soak up some extra vitamins for your skin. If your home is well positioned to watch a sunset or sunrise, then a conservatory is the best place for you to enjoy one of those precious gifts of life.

You should think carefully about the design you want, your budget and what purpose you would the conservatory to serve. It is a worthwhile investment when done with enough planning and forethought.