Five tips to secure your house this winter

17th November 2017 Uncategorised
Five tips to secure your house this winter

Every year, there are over one million burglaries or attempted burglaries in the UK – roughly one every 40 seconds! As winter approaches and the nights get longer and darker, instances of burglaries increase by up to 20% across the country. With this in mind, we present our top tips to protect your home during the winter.

1. Security alarm system

A decent home security system is a great deterrent for would-be intruders. Indeed, the sight of an active alarm is often enough to put them off altogether. At the very least, if they do attempt a break-in, the alarm going off will make them leave in a hurry. Making sure potential burglars know your house is alarmed is vital: put stickers in your windows showing that your house has a security system in place.

2. Lighting up the property

Most burglaries happen in the hours of darkness, which is why winter is such a hotspot for them. Having a well-lit property affords would-be burglars fewer opportunities to hide as they approach. Motion sensor lights at the front and rear of the house are ideal ways to increase your home security.

3. Keep approaches to the house tidy

Untrimmed hedges, disused garden furniture, and stacks of bin bags all over the back garden are ideal hiding places for the potential intruder. Keeping all approaches to your home tidy means you’re depriving someone of an easy route to creep up unseen.

4. Lock all doors and windows

Most burglars are opportunistic. Locking windows and doors avoids handing them an easy way into your home. Countryside’s range of doors and windows include such security features as multi-point locking mechanisms, as well as strong, high-quality glass that is capable of withstanding any effort to break in.

5. Get a CCTV system

Not only an excellent deterrent, a good quality CCTV system can be useful in prosecuting any offender who does manage to get inside your home. Focus the cameras on the main entrance routes (front and back door approaches, for instance), as well as areas that are hidden from view from the main road. As with the security alarm system, be sure to sticker your house so a would-be intruder knows you are protected.

But, the best advice we can give you to keep your home secure, is to replace your old windows with new ones from Countryside Windows. Modern windows have strong glass, more secure locking systems and are much harder to damage or break. So call Countryside Windows today on 01242 821 122, and speak to a member of our team about keeping your home and family safe this winter.