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Passivhaus grounds your home in a thermal and energy effective solution to ensure a low carbon footprint - as it accounts for little energy required for heating or cooling. Internorm provides the widest selection of triple-glazed window and door systems ideal for Passivhaus projects. 

Whether you're aiming to renovate or construct a Passivhaus-certified home or simply align with its energy-efficient principles, you can rely on Internorm windows and the installation from Countryside Windows to help you reach your objective.

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Noise & Thermal Reduction

Internorm's groundbreaking I-tec glazing technology ensures all-year-round thermal and noise insulation. Alongside precision-cut glass panes, the gaps between glazing and window frames are minimised. This guarantees an and energy-efficient living space clear from noise coming in, and heat escaping you living space.

Provide a smart solution for maintaining your home's warmth and noise reduction with Internorm's I-tec glazing technology with these smart and efficient window frames.

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A Timeless Design

Internorm over 85 years of experience has constructed a timeless set of designs that alongside Countryside Windows can make for a magnificent and effective choice for you.

Internorm windows are available in an array of design styles, such as Studio, Home Pure, Home Soft, and Ambiente. With premium materials such as timber, aluminum, and UPVC, you can find the perfect solution that complements your unique style and home.

With Countryside Windows' charm, transform your living space into a unique design perfectly catered to your needs.

Explore Internorm Doors

Explore Internorm's diverse design styles to discover door solutions that perfectly match your architectural, design, and comfort preferences. While simultaneously ensuring security and safety - the functionalities and aesthetics Internorm door services acquire are not to be missed. 

Choose from aluminium or aluminium-timber that have been engineered with the latest technology to provide style and efficiency. 

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