Keeping Your House Cool in the Summer

9th August 2017 Uncategorised

Ways to Keep Your House Cool in the Summer.

Air conditioning units, fans and chillers can keep your house cool during the scorching summer months. However, they are not energy efficient and you will notice a rise in your electricity bills associated with their use. There are other, cheaper energy efficient ways to keep your home cool in the summer.

Using your windows is a simple way to keep your home cool. Opening windows around the house can result in increased air circulation which reduces the mugginess associated with hot summer days. Heat rises, so opening upstairs windows allows heat to escape, whilst downstairs windows draw cooler air in and create some much needed air movement that can help to keep the house cool.

Double glazing is often associated with keeping the house well insulated and warm during the colder months. But not only does it keep the heat inside the house during winter months, it can also keep hot air out during the scorching summer months. Double glazed windows prevent the convection of heat from the outside to the inside of the house. They do this by the empty space in between the two panes of glass that is found in double glazed windows not allowing the heat to pass through. Double glazing is an energy efficient way of keeping your house cool during the summer and is an excellent investment.

Shutters, blinds and curtains can also keep the house cool during the summer. Closing them shuts out the sun and prevents it from beaming into the room and heating it up. Working out when the sun is due to be beaming through your windows allows you to close the shutters, blinds or curtains, and opening them once the sun has moved around to allow the cool air to circulate and to enjoy natural daylight without your room becoming uncomfortably hot.

We can provide you with energy efficient double glazed windows that can help keep your house cool in the summer. The insulation provided can keep cool air in and hot air out, and is an investment that will ultimately save you money. Use our online form to contact us to request a callback or to arrange a free, no obligation quote or one of our brochures. Alternatively you can call us and one of our knowledgeable and friendly customer support assistants can help with your questions or enquiries and help to arrange a quote for your double glazing.