Lanterns can flood your home with natural light 

14th December 2016 Uncategorised
Many people are slightly mystified by the term “lantern” assuming that it refers to a hanging light fitting or an external light fixture over a door. In architectural speak, a lantern is actually a raised glass structure let into the ceiling of a room which forms a roof that floods the room with light.
They were very common in period houses and if you are in an older house with a nice staircase, if you look up you’ll often see a lantern at the top of the staircase. It will have been put there to allow daylight into the stairwell and hall. These days, modern building techniques mean that lanterns can be added to all kinds of rooms. The effect is dramatic, both in terms of the amount of natural daylight that the room gains and the sense of airy spaciousness that a lantern gives.
Lanterns are architectural features for homes
Lanterns are different from skylights, in that skylights are usually flat to the roof. Lanterns are built up from the roof so they allow much more light in. They also form an architectural feature for the house because they are visible from outside. For this reason they are often given some embellishment to make them elegant and attractive. Different styles of lantern can be used for different periods of house and different styles of room.
Lanterns are very often used where you have a single-storey extension with a flat roof. If the extension is a long, narrow structure it can look good to have two identical lanterns spaced equally down the structure. They can be built in various colours and cleaning problems can be avoided by using self-cleaning glass.
Few planning issues and environmentally friendly
One of the great advantages of lanterns is that they don’t tend to provoke planning issues because they don’t extend the footprint of the house and they don’t usually mean that a neighbour that wasn’t previously overlooked, now is.
Therefore in places like London, where it’s impossible to extend, they can be a great way to add value to your house. In fact where a room does not have enough natural light to allow you to pursue activities that require plenty of good light, such as studying or painting, a lantern can allow you to use that room much more flexibly.
Lanterns that are made of thermally efficient double glazed materials are very environmentally friendly. They allow the sun in to warm the room in winter but keep out draughts and may actually have better insulation than a poorly insulated flat roof. Many lanterns have sections that can be opened for ventilation in the summer.
Be sure to choose a reliable supplier
Lanterns can be heavy and therefore need to be properly supported and you will need to have your proposed site surveyed before the job is agreed. Get in touch now, and we will ensure that you have a safe, beautiful and life-changing lantern that lets the light flood into your house.