UPVC Patio Doors

There are absolutely no compromises with the Ultimate patio door range from Countryside Windows.

Stylish, strong and energy efficient, it is the first door to be granted Security By Design status – the Police’s highest security accolade.

When upgrading your doors at home, the patio is one section that requires special consideration. Patio doors are the connections between your living space and the outdoors where most of the fun activities take place. It can be, particularly a busy time for the backyard when the weather is nice with kids going in and out to play, and adults organising all kinds of parties. For this reason, you need patio doors that can accommodate the traffic without too much trouble. UPCV patio doors are constructed to provide sturdier installations than traditional wood. A UPVC door will offer separation between spaces without buckling under the pressure of prolonged use.

Assorted Design Options

The era of white UPVC products is gone as manufacturers provide all sorts of colour options. Patio doors play a significant role in the aesthetics of a room, especially if they are large ones. With the different colours that UPVC doors allow, you can pick one that matches the decor theme. UPVC patio doors can be sliding, hinged or French, depending on the needs of your home. Analyse elements such as the room available for installation, size, height and width of the area so that you can decide on the most favourable designs for your patio.

Weather Resistant

Patio doors, by nature, have to endure a lot of exposure to the elements due to their location in a home. The damp climate in the UK can be brutal for some materials such as wood, which degrades very fast from moisture absorption. UPVC does not have the same problem. You may live in the wettest region and still have beautiful patio doors that will not rot after a few years. With UPVC doors, you won’t have to worry about warping or paint chipping off after a few seasons of harsh weather.

Privacy and Security

Just because you want to see the breathtaking landscapes in your backyard does not mean that your security should be compromised. UPVC patio doors improve the safety of your home just as appropriately as any other material. The door can be reinforced to increase impenetrability, but customisation depends on specific needs.

Countryside has an array of designs and styles for UPVC patio doors that caters to all domestic needs. Our Ultimate Patio Door range has a Security by Design status- the highest that the Police awards. Come to us for standard or personalised UPVC patio doors.