The Benefits of Buying a New Aluminium Front Door

24th May 2016 Uncategorised


You can’t beat the look of a smart, modern front door to your home. A front door says a lot about the home that lies within. When choosing your new front door, aluminium doors will complement any home and have a number of benefits.

Aluminium is a composite material and is made in such a way to be as strong as steel while remaining light in weight. This enables doors made from aluminium to feature a larger glass area than UPVC or wooden front doors. More glass allows maximum light to enter and, due to the strength of aluminium, security isn’t compromised. Balancing strength with weight, aluminium doors are tougher and more robust than other kinds of front doors and provide greater security and protection. Your door can also include security locking systems just like any other front door, firmly securing the door in place for extra peace of mind.

People tend to think of aluminium as ultra-modern but, even if you’re looking for a more traditional front door design, aluminium doors come in a diverse range of styles. The side panels of the door can be made-to-measure and you can have toplites (glass panels at the top of the door) and sidelites (glass panels to the side of the door) to let in additional light and give your door the wow factor in style. You can choose your own colour as well as the type of glass used. Other customisable features include the insulation level to suit your needs, since aluminium front doors can be manufactured with thermally broken frames. This manufacturing process includes a barrier in between the outside and inside of the door frame to stop conductive thermal energy loss, therefore providing greater insulation and thermal efficiency than other doors.

Apart from the wonderful aesthetic qualities that aluminium front doors possess, there are also several main advantages over front doors made from other materials. For example, UPVC can suffer from heat expansion, especially when used on south-facing elevations. Wood is also susceptible to expanding and contracting in line with the weather and variation of heat and damp. This affects alignment and operation but aluminium doesn’t experience these problems!

Finally, aluminium front doors can feature a powder coated finish so the colour is preserved for longer and isn’t prone to the fading and discolouration other front doors can experience when exposed to the elements. So, there’s much benefit in choosing an aluminium front door.