Georgian UPVC Conservatories

A modern interpretation of a regal age in British architectural history, Georgian conservatories are typically characterised by their square or rectangular footprint.  This in turn means they are incredibly space efficient – allowing you to enjoy the maximum possible floor area.

However, don’t think for a second it’s all about function.  With Georgian conservatories, you will find style in abundance too, thanks to their imposing nature and widespread use of design flourishes such as elaborate crestings and moulding.

Have you been hoping to add a unique visual appeal to the exterior of your home? Does an existing conservatory need to be replaced due to wear an tear over the years? If so, Countryside Windows is here to help. Our line of UPVC Georgian conservatories will provide your home with an unmatched sense of elegance and comfort. These modern solutions are also associated with comfort, sophistication and traditional allure. Let us examine our conservatories in greater detail in order to highlight some additional benefits.


Older conservatories tend to be constructed of either wood or metal. The problem is that over time, these materials will degrade due to their exposure to the elements. Maintenance could be challenging and in some instances, the entire conservatory will need to be replaced. All of these consternations can be avoided with the use of UPVC.

UPVC is a lightweight and extremely durable plastic composite. It is easy to install and it boasts a lifespan far superior to metal or wood. UPVC will not suffer from warping, bending or cracking over time. Special chemicals also prevent the colours from fading. As this substance is waterproof, there is no need to use any types of varnishes or sealants (although owners can still paint their conservatory if desired). Georgian conservatories are extremely durable and they will provide an excellent return on investment while increasing the overall value of your property.

More Than Function Alone

Although the physical benefits of UPVC cannot be denied, we also need to focus on the aesthetic appeal of these Georgian conservatories. They can provide any home with a sense of timeless elegance although they are equally able to embrace a more contemporary “edge”. The use of ornate cresting and mouldings will add a touch of class and Countryside Windows can supply a wealth of different options to select. They can help to maximise the floor space within a home and on some occasions, conservatories will even be used to enclose an existing deck or patio. If you wish to give your home an external “facelift”, such options should always be considered.

Georgian conservatories

Georgian conservatories have become increasingly popular throughout England and this trend will only continue into the foreseeable future. If you would like to learn more about this unique design option or you wish to receive a free brochure, please contact us at your convenience.