UPVC Composite Doors

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of a quality front door. Consider for a moment that it provides a crucial point of security for your home, it must provide an effective thermal barrier and it contributes significantly to that all important first impression. Doors can be manufactured in a variety of materials but UPVC Composite doors are by far the most popular choice for new build properties and home improvements.

So what is a UPVC composite door? Essentially, it is a sandwich of compressed wood on the inside surrounded by an outer synthetic skin. This combination provides strength and durability but almost no maintenance requirements beyond wiping with a damp cloth if it gets dirty. In the past, doors tended to be constructed from single materials, typically wood or UPVC. This worked well in many respects but disappointed in others. By combing different materials we are able to eliminate the shortcomings found with a single material.

A composite door is stronger than a UPVC door but more cost effective than a wooden door. Also, because of the thermal stability of the materials there will be no expansion or shrinkage – both of which are problems associated with wooden doors. The outer skin eliminates any requirement to paint or varnish the door and the UV resistance of the synthetic finish means it won’t fade after prolonged exposure to the sun. All our front doors are fitted with a multipoint locking mechanism to provides reassuring security.

Since all our products are designed, manufactured and fitted by our own dedicated team we can accommodate all requests both domestic and trade. We can provide a truly bespoke service whether your requirement concerns non-standard sizes, custom shapes or a specific colour or finish.

If you need to replace your front door please contact us and let us help you make the right choice. An investment that will last for years.