UPVC French Doors

Classic and stylish, French doors provide a wonderful way to open up a room into the space outside. Through the addition of glazed and solid panels, you can create a design that’s perfectly suited to the style of your home.

UPVC French doors are indeed a classy combination of form and function. They not only improve the aesthetic appeal of any home but also increase its curb value, given the fact these units are designed to clear safety and security requirements as well.

French doors serve to demarcate vast spaces without compromising on the aesthetics, and serve to maintain the visual continuity in the most elegant manner. Irrespective of whether fitted indoors or on the external walls separating the interiors from the surrounding outdoor environment, the appeal and utility value of these structures are indeed evergreen. UPVC French doors are gaining popularity primarily because they are elegant, affordable, can be made to measure, and customised to suit specific preferences and use. The choices are aplenty when it comes to finding the right unit for a specific structure and purpose.

UPVC French Doors – Options Available

• Colours and Finishes

UPVC French doors are available in several colours and shades, making it quite easy to choose the one that not only matches the existing home decor, but also enhances the same. It is also possible to finish the material to achieve the preferred visual effects. UPVC French doors with wooden finishes blend seamlessly with old homes, creating an impressive appearance, while those with metallic finishes compliment contemporary homes.

• Glass Panes

UPVC French doors with clear-glass panes allow uninterrupted flow of natural light into the home even when the doors are shut. While the use of toughened glass can ramp up the safety factor, opting for double-glazed panes ensure privacy and insulate interiors from both heat and cold. UPVC French doors on the external walls of the home are usually designed to be more secure and durable, and ideally double-glazed. Decorative glasses on French doors prove a visual treat.

• Frames

UPVC door frames are available in different designs. Plain frames are sleek and come in handy to create a clean minimalist look, while more embellished variants with Georgian bars, stylish handles, and metallic hinges help spruce up the setting.

Depending on the available space, bi-fold, multi-fold, and sliding uPVC French doors can be used to functionally separate spaces and add visual relief. UPVC French doors prove a cost-effective, easy-to-maintain, sustainable, and impressive alternative to wooden doors and are equally safe when fitted with state-of-art locking mechanisms. Ready-made units are available to fit standard requirements, while bespoke units can also be crafted to suit specifics.