UPVC Sliding Doors

There are absolutely no compromises with the Ultimate patio door range from Countryside. Stylish, strong and energy efficient, it is the first door to be granted Secured By Design status – the Police’s highest security accolade.

Finding the right door to install in your home can be daunting, considering all the alternatives out there. When picking a door, you want one that not only meets your privacy needs but also allows sufficient light in and makes a place feel comfortable. A UPVC sliding door is an excellent choice when looking for the perfect enclosure for a room, balcony or even a conservatory. The best thing about sliding doors is that they don’t have many restrictions and look fantastic in virtually any property. Designs for UPVC sliding doors cater to different aesthetic needs, so you don’t have to compromise on your decoration plans.

High Quality

UPVC guarantees homeowners superior standard products that last a long while, so you don’t have to fret over getting replacement anytime soon. When installing sliding doors, you can get sealing gaskets to prevent your home from bearing the brunt of bad weather. The sliding mechanisms on UPVC doors are well balanced to ensure proper movement along the track.

Energy Efficiency

UPVC sliding doors conserve a considerable amount of energy, which is an added benefit. The thermal insulation properties of UPVC material ensures that your home retains its warmth when it’s cold and keeps the heat out when it’s too hot, meaning your central heating and cooling system doesn’t have to overwork to achieve the required results. Therefore, the carbon footprint reduces, and your power bills go down.

Straightforward Maintenance

UPVC outshines other materials with its minimal need for maintenance. Taking good care of your installations ensures that they last longer but some materials can make that hard to accomplish when you have to use special cleaning products and greasing oils- not UPVC. With a mild detergent and some water, you can keep your sliding doors looking brilliant.

Your Safety First

UPVC sliding doors from Countryside’s Ultimate Patio Door range have attained the Secured by Design status, the highest security accolade by the police and they are the first to achieve this recognition. With these doors, you can rest easy when out or at home because your security is taken care of. You can incorporate additional locking mechanisms on your doors to improve security if there is a need to.

Our UPVC sliding doors will serve their purposes efficiently and for many years, in addition to increasing your home’s value. Contact Countryside Windows for a range of UPVC sliding doors.