UPVC Windows

A SECURE AND LOW-Maintenance option available in casement, pivot & parallel, vertical, tilt and turn.


A low-maintenance yet high-quality popular choice suitable for a wide range of properties. uPVC is made from a vinyl polymer bound to chlorine atoms, meaning is has strong durability and resistant to sunlight, chemicals, and water oxidisation. 

A simple yet great insulator, uPVC windows are a standard option for all homes, as they acquire great functionality, energy-efficiency, and notable design options.

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With low thermal conductivity, uPVC windows are greatly energy-efficient. Meaning that the heat stays indoors and does not escape, which is great for British homes during the winter time. Simultaneously, it keeps your living space cool in the summer due to it's excellent insulation qualities. 

With double or triple glazing options, it ensures a robust mechanism that help keep energy bills low.

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It's rigid and durable material ensures a long-lasting product that will let the light in for years to come. It is also easy-to-maintain and clean - with simple soapy water and a cloth, your uPVC windows can keep its shine for a long time.

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