UPVC Bow Windows

More space more light and a larger viewing area are just a few of the many benefits that bow window systems offer.  These beautiful additions are built so well they require practically no maintenance, but above all, they will give your home an entirely new look.

Bow windows bestow a certain grace and interest to an otherwise standard house. Although similar to bay windows, they have a softer line, a gentle curve that creates an artistic element in an otherwise regular, flat wall. Bow windows add value to your home, both artistic and economic.

UPVC bow windows
If you are planning to renovate or install windows in your home, UPVC bow windows are a smart option. Any kind of projection window will expand your view and increase the amount of sunlight that enters, but bow windows add an architectural boost to your home. Bow windows boast an elegant curve that lends the window an intriguing, flowing profile, both inside and out.

Bow window dimensions
Unlike bay windows that are three casement windows fitted at angles, bow windows are basically a number of slim windows fitted together in a curve, giving more flexibility where dimensions are concerned. The number of windows varies according to the space available for the bow window, generally from four to six window panels are used. These window panels, as almost any windows, can be made to measure, with colour and style options.

Wide windows
Where the space for the window is extensive, then a bow window, rather than a bay window which is limited to three window panels, is the better choice. Their fit-together composition makes bow windows extremely flexible and more suited for wider window spaces. Bow windows can even be installed around corners, giving you views in two directions.

There are also options for the roofing above the window. Although this small roof does not jut out very far, it usually protrudes far enough to get wet in the rain as it is generally not sheltered by the eaves or the main roof. Therefore, the window roofing is always sloping and all roofing materials, whether metal, roof shingles or UPVC, are necessarily waterproof.

Unplasticized-polyvinyl chloride is a rigid variant of regular PVC plastic. It is the perfect material for windows and doors: it is waterproof, durable, weather resistant and it does not deform or decompose. Bonus point: UPVC window frames are much more energy efficient than wooden or metal frames.

Bow windows décor
Cosy seating is the obvious choice to make the most of the extra space that bow windows give a room, often with loads of storage space underneath, making the bow window area as practical as it is lovely. Whichever way you choose to decorate your bow window, it is definitely a gracious asset to any room.