Which type of conservatory is best for my home?

24th August 2016 Uncategorised

A beautiful conservatory provides the ultimate finishing touch to any home. But installing a conservatory is a major decision, so it pays to think carefully about exactly what you want before committing yourself. In particular, you should consider the best material and the most appropriate design for your situation.


Why choose aluminium?

Aluminium-frame conservatories have many advantages. Aluminium is light and durable, needs little ongoing maintenance and can be painted to match or contrast with your existing décor. Glazed panels can be fitted easily into the walls and the roof to maximise the amount of light. An aluminium conservatory also provides excellent insulation so you can use it all year round and save on heating bills too.


Georgian conservatories

A classic Georgian design is great for making the most of available space, as it’s square or rectangular. This makes it ideal as an additional room (e.g. a dining room), or as extra living space to overlook your garden. Doors can be inserted, giving you unfettered access to your outdoor living area when you need it. The stylish design is based on clean, simple lines, although ornate touches such as crests and moulding can be included. This style is the perfect choice for many Cheltenham properties.


Gable conservatories

A gable conservatory has a pitched roof design, evoking the traditional feel of stately home architecture. This style matches beautifully with both a town house or country cottage, making it a versatile option. The high roof gives it an airy feel, lets in plenty of natural light, but is often cooler in summer than other models. Again, features such as archways, soffits and decorative edgings can be added.


Victorian conservatories

Another way to recall the grandeur of the past is to choose a Victorian conservatory. This style often work well with older properties, making it a good choice for the Cheltenham area. It can blend seamlessly with the existing elements, but it can look great on newer properties too. Crestings, finials and other flourishes can be added for an embellished look. And this type fits well onto the back, front or side of your house, and can be large or small, depending on your needs.


Lean-to conservatories

This style is ideal for properties with a small outdoor area, fitting nicely onto the side of your house to avoid taking up precious garden space. It’s also the best choice if you want to maximise access to the sun on an east-west facing property by adding a south-facing sun room.


Bespoke conservatories

But for the ultimate in versatility, a bespoke design allows you to specify exactly what you want. You can vary the design, opt for a traditional or contemporary feel, and design the precise shape to work best with your home. You can also make the most of unique features such as a wonderful vista or a specific view across your garden.


If you need expert advice choosing the best conservatory for your home, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.