Why you should replace your windows now, before winter arrives!

17th October 2017 Uncategorised
winter windows

Winter is on its way, which means to cold is coming too. Cold weather can weaken the glass and allow it to develop cracks. Leaving old, decrepit windows standing during the winter can actually be quite dangerous, especially if you have children in the house. So why not replace your windows now, and keep your house warm and safe in winter!

A reason to replace leaky old windows before the winter is that you can avoid the draughts of cold air it would allow in. This means that the windows no longer fit in properly. The discomfort can be completely prevented by just putting up new windows before the onset of cold weather.

By installing well-fitted windows, you can also actually decrease your heating bill by a large amount. If the windows keep the cold out, then naturally less energy will be used for heating. The same goes for the summer months when less energy would be used for cooling the place.

If your window leaks, then any dampness that seeps in can damage your walls and furniture. It can also destroy draperies and carpets. Replacing the furniture and draperies, and repainting the walls would be definitely more expensive than repairing or replacing the windows.

Every year, there are new window technologies on the market. You can replace your old windows with glass that protects your home better from the outside elements. You can make a choice depending on the climate of the place you live, the size of your house, and other factors to give you best results.

And last, but not the least, new windows will improve the curb appeal of your home and give it an automatic facelift. You can increase the visual appeal of your home by choosing decorative glass too. It is one way of sprucing up your home for the Christmas season.

A question that arises here is how you would know if your windows need replacement. Obviously, warped or broken windows would need replacement. It is time to act when your windows don’t operate smoothly, get stuck, allow air draughts inside, or don’t stay open. You can get them checked out by an expert and then proceed with any repairs or replacements required.

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