Window Security

29th August 2017 Uncategorised
window security

Safe and Secure Windows

We all want to feel safe and secure in our home. One way of doing this is by fitting secure windows. The problem with this is what is it that makes windows safe and secure? The best option is to make sure that any new windows have the latest features that support safety and security. This can be anything from strong window frames and locks to being able to limit window openings.

Comparing Windows Security
If you’re going to install new windows, you want to know that they are safe and secure. You can find this out by comparing the different features windows have. For any home, there are a minimum set of standards that define the features that new Windows should have. This is PAS 24:2012 set by the British Standards Institute. Also, there is a project that aims to reduce crime through the use of secure glazing. The project has the backing of the UK police. This can lead to official recognition of windows as being ‘Secured by Design’.

Beaded Windows
If you look at a window, there is a small strip known as a ‘bead’ that runs along the edges of a window. It’s this small strip that keeps the window glazing in place against the frame. In the early days, these strips would be on the outside and not as secure. These days’ windows have internal glazing beads as they tend to be more secure.

Locks and Handles
You’ll find that the handles on today’s modern windows are lockable with a key. Although it makes things hard for intruders trying to break in, it does keep children safe. It’s not so easy for children to open windows and fall out. Also, on older windows, adding locks around the window can help improve security. By adding two or more locking points, the window is ‘multi-locking’ and secure.

Hinges and Brackets
Windows can help you feel safe in your home by offering you a way of escaping a fire. Egress hinges on a casement window allow you to fully open a window to make your escape from the house. On the other hand, strong interlocking brackets can help secure a window from the outside. When shut and locked an intruder won’t be able to force a window open.

Opening Restrictions
One way that you can stop someone from falling out of a window is to use opening restrictors. These limit how far you can open a window. It does this by connecting the window and frame via a cable. Another way of securing windows involves using a key to lock restrictors. Although restrictors mean you can open windows for ventilation, they stop you from opening them fully.

And Finally
Staying safe and secure in your home is important. Do this by making sure that you install windows that include the latest security and safety features.