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What is Alinel?

Alinel provides high-quality architectural solutions for home or commercial properties. Countryside Windows partners with Alinel to provide outstanding designs for any property. 

Whether you're a client, customer, or a business, we can create eye-catching exteriors with Alinel products. Discover innovation and distinctiveness with modern exterior solutions. 

Countryside Windows is proud to provide and install Alinel products, we ensure all out work is at the best quality 

Why Choose Alinel?

Alinel's exterior solutions are made from robust and lasting aluminium. Not only does that create an aesthetically pleasing modern style, the practicalities and security of the aluminium material ensure your property is only met with high-quality soltuions.

With all projects bespoke to your property, the overall outcome is unique to you. In addition, the wide selection of colourways, textures, and design ensure that all architectural dreams are met. 

Countryside Windows is proud to provide and install professional and international products right to your doorstep in South West England, with Alinel, we can help your architectural desires come to life.

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View Alinel's Modern Architectural Solutions

Type A

Create uniformity with 'The Original' Type A. A minimalist cladding yet great for any property.

Image courtesy of Alinel.

Image courtesy of Alinel.

Type B

Create a striking yet dynamic design with Type B. Featuring wider cladding, the overall look is solid and pronounced.

Available in light wood & dark wood colour ways.

Type C

Wanting a unique look? Type C features an asymmetrical design, so you can express your own signature style.

Image courtesy of Alinel.

Type D

Discover luxury and a seamless profile with Type D. Featuring slim cladding, the thin detailing will sure impress and transform your exterior.

Image courtesy of Alinel.

Type E

Appreciate the wooden look without the drawbacks with Type E. Discover a more relaxed and all-rounder profile with this design.

Image courtesy of Alinel.

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"We had our windows replaced by Countryside recently. They did a great job. They were clean, flexible and very helpful indeed. Thanks for the work you did, we are very pleased with our new windows!"

Discover Modern Solutions

As suppliers of Alinel, you can assured that you are receiving top-quality products and fitting services for your property. 

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