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Shop Line Commercial Solar Shading 

Shop Line is a comprehensive store front and screening system for business and commercial premises.

The product range provides windows, display space, screening and doorway fittings, each with an emphasis on straightforward installation and safe, reliable day to day operation.

The versatility of the designs makes Shopline the ideal choice for every type of commercial property: from show rooms and company headquarters, to retail environments and shopping malls.

5 Star Reviews From Hundreds of Happy Customers

Emma Maiden - Gloucestershire

"I ordered a glass external door and it was installed in a matter of weeks. Dave and his assistant glazed and installed it in a couple of hours, no fuss, very professional. My new door lets in lots of light and will keep winter draughts out, and hopefully my heating bills down! I would recommend Countryside Windows."

Why Choose Shop Line Solar Shading?

Shopline products are among the most popular store front solutions on the market today.

The versatile designs allow for each system within this range to be adapted to fit just about any individual requirements or specifications; and they may be installed in almost any location.

Frames are manufactured from aluminium, which retains a high durability at a lower weight when compared to other materials; meaning fixtures can be kept unobtrusive and minimal.

With lightweight frames, store owners and designers are able to maximise the natural light and display areas of their premises.

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Benefits of Commercial Solar Shading / Brise Soleil

Shopline is also a robust solution and frames can facilitate multiple glazing options, including: larger sized panelling, heat retention or noise reduction panelling, or reinforced glass for improved security.

The powder coated frames can be finished in a wide variety of colours to match the corporate branding, personal preference, or the tenancy requirements of any commercial property.

Doors may be integrated within any Shopline screen or façade with ease: either as a hinged, swing, or sliding action entrance. Doors are able to accommodate automation without any limitations being imposed on design or functionality.

In combination with the low- or zero profile doorway thresholds, Shopline represents some of the safest, most accessible store fronts currently available.

The Shopline system has been developed to address the needs of business owners, property managers, architects and customers alike, and comply fully with all health and safety standards.

Why Work With Countryside Windows?

Countryside Windows has been supplying aluminium screening solutions for commercial and retail locations for more than twenty years.

In that time, we have acquired direct industry experience of the many products available to business owners.

The Shop Line screens, windows, and door solutions that we have selected for our range represent the very best option on the market today: combining lightweight, durable fittings with functionality, and unparalleled value for money.

Each of our products is chosen for its ability to provide the highest quality of workmanship, robust engineering, and the smart, practical designs that our customers enjoy.

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Liz Thompson - Gloucestershire

"We had our first set of windows replaced at the suggestion of our then builder in 2013. We are small landlords and now have their windows in three of the properties. Supplied as quoted. Fitted as arranged. High quality and just now have supplied replacement keys for windows installed 10 years ago. Decent after sales service I think!"

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