Winter Energy Efficiency: How to Keep Homes Warm this Winter

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With winter settling in and energy bills on the rise in Britain, keeping your home warm can be tricky. But the solution? Invest in energy-efficient fixes. They not only tackle the cold effectively but also save money in the long run. This blogpost will cover easy and efficient ways to winter-proof your windows, ensuring your home is cosy and insulated while cutting down on energy costs.

What exactly are energy-efficient windows? Energy-efficient windows are designed to reduce heat transfer between the property. Effective insultation of windows mean heat is better contained within the property, keeping you and your home warm in the winter months.

Energy-efficiency is great for the environment too; by having quality windows and needing to use less heat, your carbon footprint is lower, helping you improve your journey to an eco-friendlier living environment.

It is also important to note that energy-efficient window solutions are great all-year round. In the summer months, effective insulation of the windows can help keep the cold air in.

Here are some worthwhile window insulation solutions to help keep temperatures at bay:

  1. Double/Triple Glazing

As opposed to single pane windows, double or triple glazing features multiple layers of glass to provide optimum insulation.

While these can be expensive, investing in quality glazed windows will help keep energy bills low long-term.

They also attain noise-cancelling properties, helping you achieve not only a more temperature-regulated home, but one that is more quiet and relaxing.

  1. Low-E Coatings

Low-E coatings stands for ‘Low Emissivity’, it is a thin coating applied to the surface of the window that limits infrared and ultraviolet light emitting through.

While this all sounds technical, Low-E helps reflect heat and keep interior temperatures consistent, all the while keeping natural light flowing through your home.

Low-E coatings can be sourced from glass or film. If you’re in need of a cheaper option, applying film on top of an existing window is a great method to keep the heat in.

  1. Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers can be a functional cushion or a self-adhesive tape. Placing draft stoppers at the bottom of your window to block cold air from your home is a cost-effective method yet can make a great difference in maintaining comfortable temperatures.

There are also many other ways to keep your home warm without the need of installations yet should be carried out all-year round to ensure your windows are at their best performance. Here are some more examples:

  1. Thermally Efficient Curtains

Investing in high-quality fabric curtains significantly impact from colder temperatures entering your home, especially at nighttime.

Curtains can sit at various price points. However, there are retailers that provide great quality thermal curtains to suit all budgets. These not only add style to your home but also help keep the colder temperatures out.

  1. Regular Window­ Cleaning

A commonly over-looked aspect is to regularly clean and maintain your windows. Because of the varying temperatures, mould can easily grow in the corners of your windows at any time of year.

Regular window cleaning not only preserves the lifespan of your windows but also contributes to a more visually appealing and energy-conscious home.

 A clean window allows more natural sunlight into your home, maximising solar gain and reducing reliance on artificial heating.

  1. Utilising Natural Heat through Sunlight

Make the most of winter’s beauty by allowing natural light to flow through your home throughout the day. While it is tempting to draw the curtains and turn up the heating, exposing your living space to sunlight is a free and effective way to naturally warm up your home.

Achieving a warmer and energy-efficient home doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. By implementing any of these solutions, you can achieve a cosy living space and keep energy bills in check.

Not only are you on the path to an eco-friendlier lifestyle, but you are also embracing worthwhile solutions to improve your home or property’s efficiency and savings.

At Countryside Windows, we can assist you in finding the right window technology for your home within your means. We aim to provide our customers with only quality and long-lasting windows, so you can enjoy natural light, whilst discovering a more insulated home.

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Winter Energy Efficiency: How to Keep Homes Warm this Winter

Winter Energy Efficiency: How to Keep Homes Warm this Winter

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